Caught in a trap

I just received my copy of the new book "Caught In A Trap" produced by the duo Arjan Deelen/ Laurens van Houten and distributed by "It's Elvis Time". Anne E. Nixon also contributed to this book. Right from the beginning you know that you have in your hands a quality product. The quality of printing, paper and the overall layout of the book is simply AWESOME.

Arjan Deelen apparently done some research and came up with an informative text on this period in Elvis' career (August/September '73 Vegas Season), with the inclusion of some memorabilia related to this. The text also include how Laurens van Houten got to photograph Elvis at the Hilton and the 25 Dutch Elvis fans who were part of this trip as well. It is a very interesting read all the way through.

Mr. van Houten took pictures at three different shows, dinner shows of August 31st and September 1st, 1973 and the famed closing show of September 3rd, 1973. The photographs in the book are spread into chronological order and the songs performed at these three performances are also given. It has to be said here that most of the pictures are quite rare, especially the ones with Elvis wearing the "Black Spanish Flowers" jumpsuit with green stones and the "Light Blue Flower" stage attire.

All the pictures with the "Black Spanish Flowers" are in color while the section containing the photographs with the "Light Blue Flower" being a mixture of color and black & white shots. To me those were fascinating as I haven't seen so many photographs with these jumpsuits all at once. The main core of the book are pictures from the closing show and those are simply GREAT. We all know this show was at the very least pretty special, and Laurens van Houten perfectly captured these moments through his lens. Here again we have a mix of color and black & white but both are great. There are a few blurry pictures, but really only an handful and in no way distracting from the overall quality of this book.

Mr. Deelen is without any doubts a very talented individual and wished he will be producing other gems like this. There are many books produced on Elvis every year but only a few reach this quality. For Elvis CD Collectors Only website highly recommend this book to all the fans out there.

(The Crazy Canuck)

Note: The book "Caught In A Trap" is available through this website.