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The February 1977 Tour - An Audiovisual Documentary ~ Volume I ( By By Steve Barile )

Elvis : Encore Performance IV - Back In The Windy City ( By Jamie Kelley )

Elvis: Vegas '69 ( By Ken Sharp )

Elvis Starring in Oklahoma ( By JAT Publishing )

Elvis Presley As The One Called Charro ! ( By JAT Publishing )

Elvis The Documentaries ( By JAT Publishing )

Essential Elvis ( By Andrew Hearn )

Elvis - Sessions III ( By Joseph A. Tunzi )

Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! ( By Sandi Haynes Pichon & Thorne Peters )

Memories : Sweetened Thru The Ages Just Like Wine ( By Peter Verbruggen )

Elvis - The Hayride Years 54-56 (By Frank Page and Joey Kent)  

Rock'n' Nassau (By Russ Howe and Tom Salva) 

Elvis!  (By Dagmar)

Elvis In Hawai'i (By Jerry Hopkins) 

Elvis UK 2 (By John Townson & Gordon Minto) 

Elvis: A Celebration (by Mike Evans)

Elvis in Texas (by Stanley Oberst)

That's all right, Elvis (by Scotty Moore)

Caught in a trap (by Arjan Deelen/ Laurens van Houten)

America the beautiful (by Joe Tunzi)

Elvis Word for Word (by Jerry Osborne)

Elvis Shot By Ed Bonja (by Ed Bonja & Elvis Unlimited)

Concert Years 1969-1977 (by Stein Erik Skar & Pal Granlund)

Careless Love (Peter Guralnick)

Elvis For CD Fans Only (Dale Hampton)

Elvis Encore Performance III 'Back To Chicago 1977' (Joseph Tunzi)

Elvis - Day By Day (Ernst Jorgensen & Peter Guralnick)