Original film music, volume 2

A.J. Records 080379-04 (Released 1991)

Girls, girls, girls
I don't wanna be tied
We'll be together
A boy like me, a girl like you
Earth boy (duet with Ginny & Elizabeth Taylor)
Return to sender
Because of love
Thanks to the rolling sea
Song of the shrimp
The walls have ears
We're coming in loaded
Dainty little moonbeans/girls! girls! girls!
Loving you
Got a lot o' livin' to do
Lonesome cowboy
Hot dog
Mean woman blues
Teddy bear
Loving you
Loving you
Got a lot o' livin' to do
Paradise hawaiian style
Queenie wahine's papaya (Duet with Donna Butterworth)
You scratch my back (Duet with Susan Leigh)
Drums of the Island
A dog's life
Datin' (Duet with Donna Butterworth)
House of sand
Stop where you are
This is my heaven/ drums of the Island
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Thanks to Scott Daughtry for the scan!!