Original film music, volume 6

A.J. Records 080379-06 (Released 1992)

Kissin' cousins (no. 2)
Smokey mountain boy
There's gold in the moutains
One boy, two little girls
Catchin' on fast
Tender feeling
Papa won't you please come home (sung by Glenda Farrell)
Barefoot ballad
Once is enough
Kissin' cousins
Kissin' cousins (no. 2 reprise)
Poison ivy league
Wheels on my heels
It's a wonderful world
It's carnival time
Carny town
One track heart
It's carnival time
Hard knocks
Little Egypt
Big love, big heartache
There's a brand new day on the horizon
It feels so right
Easy question
Dirty dirty feeling
Put the blame on me
I'm yours
Night rider
I feel that i've known you forever
I feel that i've known you forever (reprise)
Slowly but surely

Thanks to Scott Daughtry for the scan!!