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Elvis letter to his karate teacher Jürgen Seydel

Dear Jürgen,
Hello there ! How´s everything with you ? I´ve been doing quite a bit of horseback riding lately and it´s really keeping me in shape. As you probably know, I´m just now completing my newest movie entitled "Black Star" which will be in technicolor. Dolores Del Rio plays my mother in the film. My newest record album will be released in the near future. The songs are taken from the movie "GI Blues" I certainly hope you like it as well as my last album "Elvis is Back". I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you´re doing for me, and I hope I can repay you with the movies and records I´m making now. I´d better close for now. May god bless you.
Loving you,
Elvis Presley

Thanks to Dick Dekker for sharing his memorabilia