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O Come all ye faithful

Billion Records 2526121999 (Released 2000)

Iíll be home on Christmas Day (alternate/piano version)
Winter wonderland (undubbed master)
Merry Christmas baby (re-make for "This is Elvis")
The first Noel (Without cymbal)
Oh come all ye faithfull (alternate version)
It wonít seem like Christmas (undubbed alternate, take 6)
If I get home on Christmas day (extended mix)
Holly leaves and Christmas trees (undubbed alternate, take 8)
Silver bells (undubbed alternate, take 2)
On a snowy Christmas night (extended mix)
The wonderful world of Christmas (extended mix)
Iíll be home on Christmas Day (country version)
Merry Christmas baby (unedited master 7:58 min)
Holly leaves and Christmas trees (remix)
If everyday was like Christmas (alternate take 1 & 2)
White Christmas (remix)
Here comes Santa Claus (acetate recording)
Oh little town of Bethlehem (acetate recording with echo)
Santa Claus is back in town (remix)
Iíll be home for Christmas day (acetate recording with echo)
Blue Christmas/Santa Claus is back in town (Informal rehearsal)
Blue Christmas (Live)

This Special Christmas package "O come all ye faithful" comes with a 2001 pocket calender, and 5 full colour postcards, and last but not least a screensaver. Billion Records also proclaim that this CD contains 22 alternate Christmas songs, well, in a way they are right. But, I don't think we can rate "re-mixes" as an alternate song??, For the collectors there's nothing on this CD that hasn't been released before, but it is a nice compilation CD, for we have all the "Christmas" aternate takes (that has been released on other Import and BMG releases) on one CD. But a big plus is that the package is indeed very nice.

Sound rate ****