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60th anniversary celebration, volume 1

TOD 1001 (released 1995)

Ain't that loving you baby (medium tempo)
A big hunk o' love (# 2,3)
Ain't that loving you baby (fast #5/8)
A fool such as I (#4,5)
I got stung (#3/8)
I need your love tonight (#3,4,15)
He knows just what I need (alt. take)
Pocket full of rainbows (#1,2)
Doin' the best I can (#12)
Stay away (alt. take, slow version)
Goin' home (#19)
Hurt (Live, date unknown)
Blueberry Hill (Live, not complete, date unknown)
Where no one stands alone (Live, not complete, 02-16-1977, Montgomery)
A nice picture cd with some great outtakes and in a fair quality.

Sound quality ***