Ask Ernst Part 2

1- First off I'd like to say that you and BMG are doing an excellent job on the FTD releases. It is great so much unreleased material is being released for Elvis collectors and fans.
My question stems from one of the FTD releases. In the "That's the Way it Was" FTD book / CD release, there is a picture of the 16 track master tape box for the Aug 10, 1970 on-stage rehearsal. Each track is noted as being incomplete as indicated that tape was started late. The fantastic rehearsal version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," that was originally released on the 1980 Silver Box, is included on this new TTWIW CD. Is the beginning spliced on from another recording if in deed this track is incomplete? Would this also be the case with the version of "Sweet Caroline", that is from this same rehearsal, that was released on the 1980 Silver Box?

+++ "Loving Feeling" is spliced, "Caroline" is not - some only start seconds late.

Also I think many fans would love to hear this entire rehearsal, even with certain tracks being incomplete. Some selections have been released on bootleg ("Polk A Little Sock Salad" is incredibly entertaining), would BMG consider this entire rehearsal for release on the FTD label?... as it would sound fabulous mixed down from the 16 track master tape.
(Ernie Boyes,Coatesville,PA.)

+++ Possible, but I think we all need a little rest from TTWII

2- Joe Tunzi came out into the open telling he had the new Years Eve show. I guess this means he wants to make some kind of "official" deal for a release. Otherwise this tape would have found it's way into the import scene I guess. Would it be an idea to release this tape, either on FTD or on the big label depending the actual quality, as the start of the Elvis 2002 25th celebration year? After all it is a New Years Eve show, so around January 8th would be a nice idea.
(From Kees)

+++ Joe has not approached us with this tape. Joe also claims to have other unreleased stuff that we don't have. It's of course every collectors right to keep their treasurer to themselves - in most cases they have paid dearly for them. Another thing is that Joe does NOT claim that this is a soundboard in his Dowling site interview.

3- There is some conflicting information regarding take numbers on a few songs featured on the the "Essential 70's masters" and "Platinum" box sets when comparing the liner notes to the same information in "A life in music". Which information is correct?
70's Masters A LIFE IN MUSIC
MT 14 "Seeing is believing" (APA4-1280) MT 12

+++ Master is 14

MT 5 "It's a matter of time" (BPA3-1260) MT 3

+++Felton slates the master as take 3, but wrote that it's take 5. We are not quite sure.

AT6 (MT is11) "The sound of your cry" (ZPA4-1596) AT 3

+++ Master is take 11

AT2 (MT is4) "For the good times" (BPA3-1150) AT 3

+++ Master is take 4

[In other words is "A life in music" The authoritative source here???]
(From Wolfgang Pesch,California)

+++ I didn't check what came from what here, but there's unfortunately always annoying little mistakes in anything done by humans. Sometimes we also get new information about the material - most often when we acquire missing tapes.

4- When BMG did the upgrades on the 70's albums, some albums were left out (Raised on rock, Today) along with some great songs. As per your book, it's my understanding that in the early seventies during some sessions Elvis recorded several folk songs that were later placed in several albums, instead of making one great folk album. I'm talking about songs like Early morning rain, Don't think twice, until it's time for you to go, etc. all these were omitted by BMG in their reissues. I feel that all these songs could have been compiled in a single disc, just as it was done with the burning love album. My question is, what are the chances that BMG will release the great folk album that Elvis was aiming for?
(From Chris Bell)

+++ It's been discussed, but the general feeling is that the album is not strong enough commercially - a shame, because I kinda like it.

5- Iīm a 33 year old fan from Sweden. I am somewhat annoyed over that it seems hard to make a record where the songs are in chronological order on the whole disc!! Why is that so hard? Itīs always a mix. Maybe you can think of this for the upcoming FTD? Some info or a booklet would also have been nice on the FTD CD's. After all they are full price CD's. So why make them so cheap? But I guess that is the cheapest way for BMG.

+++ I don't know what you are referring to. In many cases, the songs ARE in chronological order, however we can't have the same running order all the time. And why is the concert on the new Las Vegas box disc 2 not on disc 3? That would me more appropriate if you would have change the material on these two discs. And you should be ashamed of re-releasing old material. Iīm thinking of the content on the new Las Vegas Box (disc 3) and the content on the Thatīs the way it is box (disc 1). And naming the last disc on the Thatīs the way it is box the rehearsal and then start it up with 9!! live songs. You have to be more careful on these things.
(From Roger Lindgren,Sweden)

+++ I don't see the importance of whether the discs are numbered 2 or 3. We include previously released material in order to make a historically more correct set - not only aimed at the die hard collectors.

6- The FTD-Label was made for the real (hardcore) fans (not for the masses). So why it isnīt possible to get a full length concert, instead of these cut CDīs ? Please release a Double CD in the future (and we will pay for it) instead of splitting two concerts into ONE!
(From Maurice Bauer,Germany)

+++ Because the soundboard tapes are almost never complete.

7- "The Dixieland Rocks Conundrum" - On 'Fairytale' listed as May 6th Elvis says "This is the last night of the tour". On 'Can't Help Falling in Love' listed as May 7th Elvis says "We have a show here tomorrow night, so until then .." Something is not quite right ...... Has Ernst not noticed ? Were the tapes labelled wrong ? Were the original songs on The Silver Box set from May 7th after all ? Intriguing ! Thanks
(From Piers Beagley,Australia)

++ As both shows were incomplete we have to edit the last part of the show. As for the Silver Box, the first two songs were from May 6, the rest from various June dates.

8- first of all, Iīd like to congratulate you on doing a fantastic job - even Out in Hollywood was a great CD, no matter what some think!
Do I see it correctly that the best source for high-quality rarities are the rehearsals from 1969 to 1974, and if so, has BMG worked out a way with the owners of the material to get these to the fans?
(From Christian Amari)

+++ We don't know who owns them, if they exist at all. We of course all knew a handful of these, but so far it's not been possible to track down more. We will keep searching.

9- What is the likelihood that fans will ever hear a 1957 Elvis Presley concert?
(From Johnny,California)

+++ Small - I have never heard one in listenable quality.

10- Mr. Jorgensen, what is the biggest surprise that you made while going though all of the Music that Elvis made. What I mean is did you come across something that you did not know he had done.
(From Mark Wengler)

+++ A lot, but it's all been released by now. Examples:
This Time/ I īCan't Stop Loving You, A Hundred Years From Now, Tiger Man(75)

11- There has been a rumor that Col. Parker had 2 shows filmed ( and taped )from the January/February 70 season to convince MGM of doing a movie, that turned out to be That's the way it is. Do these tapes exist? Are these concerts recorded also? If so, can we expect something to be released in the future?
(From Steven Van Kerckhove)

+++ If they did, they should be with EPE in Memphis. I don't think they are.

12- Would you please let me know, why don`t you use for the digitally re masters 24 Bit 96.000 Khz technology ? Is it your fear that the quality could be to good and that you can not come up with an upgrade all 5 Years?
(From Mathias)

++ Good point. The reason is simple - RCA don't want us to do this yet. Additionally we are not sure it would help Elvis tapes much.

13- I wonder if you know which concert or song-outtakes were released on the import labels, and if you do, do you keep them in your mind, if you and RCA are considering new releases? I mean, for example, an import label brings out a concert let's say from August 20, 1970, do you know that these concerts are on the market, so you don't have to bring out that concert again, or will you do that anyway.? I hope you understand what I mean.
(From Eddy Klein Heerenbrink, Holland)

+++ I know only some of them, and it's very hard to keep track of these. Somehow the bootleggers don't send RCA a lot of information.

14- Ernst, I would like to know if BMG has ever approached Red Robinson in regard to a copy of a tape he has claimed to have of the Elvis' 1957 Vancouver show? I spoke with Red Robinson a number of years ago on the phone were he indicated to me, that he did have a copy of this 1957 performance preserved in his vault. Ernst Is this something that you would believe does exist and would this be something that BMG would be interested in for release if it did exist?
I thank you for your time in advance.
(From Paul Peters, Canada)

+++ We have checked through BMG Canada, and were told that Red didn't have the show after all.

15- According to your book, RCA recorded eight complete shows for That's The Way It Is. How come we have never heard anything about the last two shows recorded or gotten anything released from those two shows? There aren't even any track listings available. Do you have any future plans to release the remaining TTWII shows?
(From Zach Gillespie,USA)

+++ Only 6 shows were recorded.

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