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ELVIS FOR CD FANS ONLY Second edition Dale Hampton. WorlWideElvis Publishing.
Comes with free bonus CD

Reviewed by Erik Karlsen, Norway

We had to wait a bit for this must-have release. This book is the telephone-catalog for CD collectors, and thatīs just what the book looks like. A giant catalogue. I count myself among the horde of CD collectors around the globe, but I havenīt been mostly interested in all the different versions that occur of one specific release, but after diving into this goldmine of a book, I have started spending money on such releases. The book does not include Bootlegs or so called Import-releases, and thatīs in a way a pity, but my God how big this book would have been! As it comes it is more than enough, about 600 pages in black and white, presenting all the US releases since the first CDīs back in 1984. Interesting reading about those specific releases; They were produced in Japan, because the CD production was not yet etablished in the US. Sadly there were errors on the CDīs, and they were quicly replaced by new ones. These CDīs are labelled "Made in Japan", and are worth A LOT! Unfortunately we have all the interesting photographs in black and white - but by all means - itīs a lot of them, and they are all very specific and explained with accompanying text. The CD catalog is built up alphabetically, with catalog numbers, matrix numbers and release dates. You also get information on reprints, promos, special pressings etc. etc. - Itīs all in this book, as far as I can see.

The book is published by WorlWideElvis. Paul Dowling, the man in charge came up with the brilliant idea of including the 5 track CD that is made exclusively for the book by BMG Special Products. This is of course a limited edition numbered release, that alone should be worth the price for the book??!!

The author Dale Hampton, wrote his first edition in 1993, and has since then worked with this updated release. Itīs of course of importance that each CD comes with estimated value, and an easy to use cross reference for each song and corresponding CD release. Think about Elvis as dead for over 20 years, hold the book in your hands (You need both hands) and this my friends is the weight of an entertainer that will live forever. The books contains more releases than was issued while he was alive - and the CD wasnīt even invented back then! You should buy this book!