Essential Elvis Interviews - Compiled by Andrew Hearn

Essential Elvis Interviews, is just what the title suggests, a collection of interviews ranging from Sir Jimmy Saville (OBE) to Linda Thompson, over thirty conversations with Elvis’ friends, associates and fans. Many Essential Elvis subscribers will remember a majority of these interviews, but there are still many thousand fans that haven’t, including relatively new subscribers so now you have the chance to obtain this collection in one book, even if you do get the magazine your not having to go through back issues to find what your looking for, and if your not a subscriber hope someone lends you a copy or that it gets posted on the internet. This 196 page book is a perfect bedside companion, although it’s not the kind of book you’ll probably want read from cover to cover, it’s a little more like a reference book, where you can skip from interview to interview without losing your place.

The pictures in the book come from the collection of Essential Elvis & Russ Howe’s archive, all strategically placed to co-inside with the interviews, the layout is eye catching and in a format making it easy to read. Some may notice the title change from “Elvis Talk” to “Essential Elvis Interviews” this is because there was thought it may be a little confusion with the 1997 book “Talking Elvis” by the “Man & His Music”, and news has it there is possibly going to be a volume 2, of “Talking Elvis” so it was thought apt to change the title as not to confuse anyone.

For those who want to know exactly who’s in the book:
Julie Parish – Mike Stoller – Sir Jimmy Saville – Jennifer Holden – Lamar Fike – Tamara Beckwith – Al Dvorin – Francine York – Harry Hill – Deborah Walley – Rick Schmidlin – Sonny West – Lionel Houston – Anita Wood – Marc Bennerman – Linda Thompson – Barbara Leigh – Wink Martindale – Marsha Alverson – Pat Priest – Eamonn Holmes – Ginger & Rosemary Alden – Joan Blackman – David Stanley – Larry Geller – Jeanne Lemay – George Nichopoulos – Sherry Williams – Susanna Leigh – Susan Henning – Bill Belew & Glen D. Hardin.

You can order this book on-line at priced at £12.99/$24.99 or 18.99 euros it’s not going to break your bank account. You may even want to subscribe to Essential Elvis once you’ve read it.