Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! 

This new book by Apex Publishing Limited in England and written by Sandi Haynes Pichon is as mentioned on the front cover ‘’ a look back at the good times….’’. This 196 pages book ( 21,0 cm x 14,8 cm ) is printed on high quality glossy paper, which is a big plus considering there are a lot of colour photographs ( about 105 pictures ) throughout the book. 

I was really looking forward to this book since I knew that Sandi had GREAT pictures and good stories to tell from her touring days  from a fan point of view. ‘’ Raised On Elvis ‘’  starts with the foreword by Kathy Westmoreland and then followed with sixteen (16) chapters, each being titled with an Elvis’ song or album from her first meeting with Elvis in Memphis in 1956 until he passed away in 1977. 

Almost every stories and anecdotes are accompanied with photographs for backing up the text. It gives a lot of credibility to the author and makes it even more enjoyable to the readers. This book contains several rare and exclusive photographs taken by Sandi. My favourites are the ones taken in Las Vegas, NV in August 1974 and March 1975, and especially the photographs from the August 18, 1975 opening show and midnight show of the following night. 

I especially enjoyed the stories related to the Memphis shows in March 1974 along with the one from December 1973 at Stax Recording Studio in the same town. Having said that, the book is interesting from beginning to end. I never had the chance to meet Elvis but was fortunate enough for having seen him in concert several times. Sandi’s book brought back great memories while reading her personal experiences and made me feel good, actually even better in making me realized how lucky I am. For those who weren’t that fortunate and never had the chance to attend an Elvis Presley show, and moreover live all the excitements surrounding the event. They can at least go back in time and have a glimpse at the good times we had during our touring days.  

The book contains a few mistakes such as a photograph dated as May 26 th, 1975 dinner show instead of March 26th but despite a few errors here and there, ‘’ Raised On Elvis ‘’ is still an excellent book. 

 We can be grateful that Sandi decided to share her memories and photographs with us. If you want to take a look back at the good old times, then buy the book ‘’ Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis ! ‘’

You can obtain a personally signed copy directly from Sandi at spichon@charter.net

Visit her site TCB Elvis Style Fan Club

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Review by The Crazy Canuck