America The Beautiful

I just received this morning the book "America The Beautiful" from J.A.T. Productions and somewhat quite disappointed with the end result. Yes there are some excellent pictures inside this book but at the same time not too many spectacular shots, several were equally not new to my eyes. The previous book For The First Time Ever book was in my view very superior to this although it contained only a few color shots. Overall my favourite pictures would be the Madison Square Garden shots and some of the candid at the end of the book and the front cover shot. Some photographs taken while Elvis was making movies aren't bad either.

I guess the whole concept of the book explains the shot on page 39 Elvis shaking hands with Richard Nixon into the oval office but we've seen this so many times that I really don't care much for it. Same goes on page 40 as it's a well known and for the price tag I can live without. Of course I won't go into details and mentioned every pictures in there and guess a lot of persons will have different opinions on it. This is definitely a matter of taste and apparently "America The Beautiful" doesn't make it for me. I have always liked J.A.T. products overall and most of his books are excellent, however this one wouldn't be featured into my top 10 when compared to others he produced. It comes with a nice promo CD but I would had preferred a lower price on the book and no CD.

(The Crazy Canuck)