Looking cool and confident with Rosemary Barracco (Carvalho) at Maywood Beach in May of 1953 (probably between May 25-29) - Maywood Beach is located south of Memphis (I78 to Tupelo), just below the stateline - Thanks to Doc for the details below

Juanita Richardson-Mitchell

Before graduation we had a class picnic at Maywood. It was overcast and we went swimming and spent the entire day outdoors having a wonderful time. This was another one of those "lifetime learning experiences"- I learned that you can get seriously sunburned on a cloudy day! By the time graduation arrived, I had huge blisters, many the size of silver dollars or larger, all over my shoulders and back. The graduation gown was horribly heavy and hot - and I was really miserable. The moment the ceremony was over, I took my aching body home!

Virginia Eddleman-Blackford

We all went to Senior Day at Maywood and I got a really deep sunburn. Elvis had rubbed suntan lotion on my back, but it didn't work. I didn't get to go to my own graduation because I had to sit on pillows for 4 days. Elvis asked me to go out, but I had to say no because of my sunburn. Otherwise, I would have said yes.