With a couple of female fans at the Memphian Theater in Memphis in June or July 1969

Thanks to Elaine for the two actual photos and information on them!

Your picture is doctored. The second one is the same picture, only on yours they not only added open eyes, they shifted the color to blue and erased his hand from the shoulder of the girl in red. I think that is to make it seem like it was truly a third picture. If you lay the pix on top of each other in photo shop you will see that every other line lines up exactly and even his scarf which is blowing in the wind is in exactly the same place.

The only thing I know for sure about these pix is that they were taken at a theater in Memphis, probably the Memphian. That the movie was the musical "Oliver!", you can see the Oliver! banner behind them. The pictures were taken in the summer of 1969, either in June or July, while he was back in Memphis

Elaine is the daughther of long time Elvis fan Virginia Coons.

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