Receiving the Trendsetter Award from Billboard magazine on January 30, 1974 - the last photo show Elvis with three RCA executives

From stayawayjoe001 at FECC

Phil Gelormine from Billboard Magzine was directly responsible for presenting Elvis with Billboard's 1973 Trendsetter Award for "Aloha" which Elvis accepted in Las Vegas in January of 1974.

As Phil expleaned to me
Yup, Robert, that's the picture that broke my heart. I fought long and hard to have Elvis receive that award. Lobbied night and day. I finally convinced them of the his historical importance of "Aloha". They finally caved under one stipulation. And I'll never forget this: "If we give Elvis this Award," they told me, "we give it to Col. Parker as well." Deal. Of course they flew rock ' roll hater, straight-laced John Sippel to present it to him. Why fly me from New York. Bottom line? The King deserved it but it would have been a hell of an honor if I could have presented it to him in person. Thank you Robert for locating the photo as it first appeared in Billboard. "My" Award to Elvis.

One more thing, Robert, I called Mr. Sippel later that morning as he was back in our L.A. offices and asked him what Elvis was like when he gave him the Trendsetter Award. "We'll Phil, I'll tell you," he said very haultingly, although he was appreciative, he seemed to me to be a little, ummm somewhat...oh, maybe just a tad...sort of ...well you know". I never did push him to tell me what he was getting at. Draw your own conclusions.