At Wonder World in Las Vegas sometime in September 1974 - it seems something got Elvis upset...These photos were taken by well-known Las Vegas photographer Hank deLespinasse

Elvis was there to replenish his ammo supply at the Maryland Parkway location of Wonder World, right across from the Boulevard Mall - Pictured with Elvis is David Stanley, Dr. Elias Ghanem, Sonny West and Red West.

Apparently, several fans noticed Elvis and asked for autographs. The owner wasn't to happy about this and said so to Elvis, which upset Elvis, and he and the owner had a few words...

From Steve M from the FECC message board - I'm sure that second pic is one taken outside the store, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I think the photographer was pissing Elvis off inside the store but Elvis declined to act out of respect for the store, but when the photographer persisted outside it seems Elvis got mad. The thing is Elvis was not one to object to his photo being taken, it's almost like he became immune to it or became so complacent with a camera being somewhere near him that he didn't notice it.

Many, many thanks to the Doc at FECC for uncovering the exact details of the location of these two photos after 16 years with the incorrect location