With members of the British fan club in Las Vegas on September 4, 1972 before his dinner show that night

Here are some details of the meeting provided by Rex Martin - Todd and the others was sitting in Col Parkers Booth (and the next one), when Parker came and took them thru a side door to the left of the Showrooms Stage... Just after this Tom Diskin, talked to 2 Girls sitting next to the stage (far Right of Centre) he asked them where I was sitting. I was with Virginia Coons and the girls Mum front row BALCONY, far Right, under the funky angels. Tom waved for me to meet him downstairs... we went through a door between Emelios office, and the Showroom entrance. Into the Lounge (behind and below the back of the Showrooms stage) I arrived a few minutes after Todd's party. A few minutes later Elvis walked in. A Small B & W TV was monitoring the Opening Acts, up high in the lounge (no sound) the Sweets Inpirations was on most of the time we were backstage (for about 8 minutes in total). During the meeting Elvis left the room for a very short time (his dressing room was a door almost opposite the lounge) He returned clutching 6 folded Emerald Green Scarfs, and had removed his Jacket.

Thanks to Rex Martin for the black and white photos, scanned from his original 8 x 10's - The 4 colour photos were taken by Gitt Nyman