At the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, NY with Officer John O'Keefe on April 5, 1972

With many thanks to JosephC at FECC. The first photo is the original and the other four were cleaned up by members of FECC - From June 8, 2012, here is his story on this long lost photo:

This is a long story as to how I just recently obtained the photo so bare with me!

I went to a Catholic Grade School just outside of Buffalo, NY from 3rd to 9th grade. When I reached the 8th grade, 1979-1980 my teacher was the sister of the police officer in the above photo. Throughout my entire 8th grade year I would hear how her brother had taken several photos with Elvis when Elvis played the Memorial Auditorium and the Niagara Falls Convention Center. I never got to see any of the photos until last week.

My wife, who is now a teacher, was assigned at the very building where I went to school (actually where my wife went to school as well. We met in 1979 and the rest, as they say, is history!). Well the woman who taught me in 8th grade is now the principal! She told my wife she had this photo and wanted me to have it. As the story goes, Elvis would ask for Mr. O'Keefe's protection when he played Niagara Falls in 1974 and 1975, as well as Buffalo again in 1976. Unknown are the whereabouts of any additional photos from the Niagara Falls shows and Buffalo 1976. Mr O'Keefe died in 1997.

I was very excited and moved to receive it, so much so that I bought a scanner in order to share it with the world. Thanks for your time!