MGM Studios March 15, 1957 with Sydney Barr and Barbara Lang
With Sonny West leaving the Memphian Theatre on June 28, 1972
Popping through the roof of his limo in Las Vegas on his way to the Tropicana to see Vikki Carr on Wednesday, September 4, 1974
Backstage with Chief Gene Sweeton of the Huntsville Police Department and his wife Melba Sweeton on May 31, 1975

Candid Central - The 1950's
Candid Central - The 1960's
Candid Central - The 1970's

Some of the photos throughout the 1970's section of Candid Central were taken by Sandra (Nana) Ames - Sandra spent a lot of time at the gate between 1969 and 1977 and Sandra and her friend Joyce Burcham often took photos. Thanks to Hugh Johnston for this information.