Candid Central - The 1950's
Candid Central - The 1970's

Prestwick Airport, Scotland March 3, 1960
Meeting the press on March 7, 1960
At the gates of Graceland talking to some fans on March 12, 1960
With Frank Sinatra March 1960
Wearing a long sleeve black shirt sometime in 1960
Talking to fans before boarding a train on April 18, 1960
Getting into a cab at Union Station in Los Angeles on April 20, 1960
In the recording studio for the G.I. Blues movie soundtrack on April 27, 1960
Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine with Elvis at a birthday party for Dean on June 7, 1960
Karate 1960
Signing a finger 1960
At the back of Graceland wearing a short sleeve black shirt on July 19, 1960
Signing autographs at the Memphis Airport on July 24, 1960
Bumper cars with Anita Wood sometime in the fall of 1960
Trying out the drums in December 1960
On the set of Blue Hawaii in 1961
At the theatre 1961
Graceland porch 1961
At Red and Pat West's wedding on July 1, 1961
In the front seat of a car in July 1961
In Florida 1961
In the back seat of his car sometime during the early 1960's
Signing autographs in Memphis just before his leaving to do his movie Girls! Girls! Girls! in March 1962
In Seattle 1962
Signing an autograph at the Memphis fairgroungs sometime between July 15 to July 20, 1962
At the movies with Priscilla Beaulieu in Memphis in late December 1962
Looking pretty cool on April 2, 1963
Elvis arrives for the St. Jude's charity event in Long Beach, CA on February 14, 1964
Elvis signing autographs for fans in Nashville on February 25-26, 1965 while he was in town for the recording session for Harum Scarum
With Col. Parker and his wife Marie on June 26, 1965
Between takes in Hawaii during August 1965
Posing with a police officer in the mid 1960's
With a couple of fans sometime during the mid 1960's
In Hawaii 1966
In his car on August 3, 1966
Driving around the grounds of Graceland in April 1967
In his car on July 10, 1967
In Memphis on September 12, 1967 roughly four weeks before heading out to Hollywood, to film Stay, Away Joe!
Family photo February 10, 1968
Signing a photo 1968
In his car May 7, 1968 & with a fan 1970
On his horse 1968
Smoking a cigar at the Coco Palms Hotel on the island of Kauai in May/June 1968
On a plane from Hawaii to LA on June 2, 1968
At a press conference on June 25, 1968 talking about his December 1968 NBC T.V. Special
Backstage with a young fan during the filming of the NBC Elvis Special in June 1968
Having a little fun in June 1968 with some grapes and then some ;-)
Outside the gates of his Beverly Hills home with some fans in 1968
In Beverly Hills during the filming of Charro 1968
Driving through the gates of Graceland on January 8, 1969
With Chips Moman, Bobby Wood and the band at American Sound Studios in Memphis during the famous recording sessions of January/February 1969
In Los Angeles 1969
Posing with a young fan in March 1969
Holding up a fans baby sometime on March 22, 1969
Looking great in beige with some fans on April 1, 1969
With Charlie Hodge talking to a fan from the back seat of his car on April 14, 1969
Lisa Marie, Priscilla and Elvis playing the piano sometime in 1969
At the Graceland gates greeting fans sometime between May 29th and June 10th 1969
Chatting with Tom Jones at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on June 10, 1969
Signing autographs at Graceland sometime between June 22nd and July 4th 1969
With a couple of female fans at the Memphian Theater in Memphis in June or July 1969
With fans at Graceland on Sunday June 29, 1969
In the driveway of his Hillcrest home, leaving for a rehearsal at RCA studios on July 17, 1969
Outside RCA Hollywood sometime in July 1969
On his way to see Barbara Streisand in Las Vegas on July 28, 1969 with Lamar Fike and Charlie Hodge
Elvis meets the press after his July 31, 1969 killer show in Las Vegas
Greeting Terry Mike Jeffrey backstage in Las Vegas on August 1, 1969
Johnny Carson and Elvis backstage in Las Vegas sometime in August 1969
Backstage with fan Chris Trant in Las Vegas in August 1969
Up close and personal with fans in Las Vegas in August 1969
Roaming the halls in Las Vegas on August 21, 1969
With Frank Sinatra, his daughter Nancy and Fred Astaire at the opening night party for Nancy's Vegas show on Friday August 29, 1969
On a plane sometime in 1969
Arriving for a New Year's Eve party in Memphis on December 31, 1969
In his car 1970 and with fans 1967

Some of the photos throughout the 1970's section of Candid Central were taken by Sandra (Nana) Ames - Sandra spent a lot of time at the gate between 1969 and 1977 and Sandra and her friend Joyce Burcham often took photos. Thanks to Hugh Johnston for this information.