Backstage at Robert's Memorial Stadium in Evansville, IN on June 13, 1972

Thanks to Steve for the second photo - Steve writes, "This is a scan of an original, unpublished candid. The photo was taken backstage before Elvis went on by a friend of my family who was an Evansville City Police Officer and was working stadium security that night off-duty. He took the photo for my oldest sister who he was dating back then. From the story he tells Elvis gave him a look like don't do that again after the flash went off! Then after a few moments walked over and asked him if the photo came out ok? The original photo is a polaroid and is safely tucked away in my collection. I think you will find that not one single photo from that day has ever surfaced, in fact it is the only photo of that day that I have ever seen and I have lived in Evansville my entire life! My mom and both sisters were at the show and took many photos that have been lost since 1972...all that survives are this polaroid and the three ticket stubs."