This is from Elvis' October 9, 1975 visit to Dallas, TX when he checked out the health centre run by Ray and Clare Stern. He was looking for ideas for his planned racquetball building. The lady is Beryl Summers who worked for the Sterns and was the club manager

Thanks to PA Richardson from Elvis Pictures for the details

Elvis Presley’s 1975 surprise inspection of Forest Lane health club in Dallas

By Alan Peppard -

What was Elvis doing in those pre-dawn hours before he died on August 16, 1977? Between 4 and 5 a.m., he was playing racquetball. His passion for the game can be traced in part to one of those childlike, spur-of-the-moment private-jet trips he favored—a trip he made to Dallas.

In the final two years, Elvis’ life went from eccentric to bizarre as his pill intake, spending and his weight all reached new highs. Thinking exercise might help, his doctor, George Nichopoulos, a.k.a. Dr. Nick, introduced him to racquetball.

Like all of Elvis’ passions, he quickly sought a way to do it at home. In the summer of 1975, he signed off on construction of his own racquetball center at Graceland.

Word soon reached Elvis that there were six amazing racquetball courts at Ray and Clare Stern’s Health Center in Dallas, located on Forest Lane, a half a block west of Preston Road. On Thursday afternoon, October 9, 1975, Elvis left Graceland and headed to Memphis Aero where his Lockheed JetStar waited. (It would be another month before he took delivery of his more famous plane, the converted airliner he named Lisa Marie.)

On the tail was his logo, a lightning bolt and the letters TCB, which stood for Taking Care of Business.

As darkness fell over Dallas, the JetStar landed at Addison Airport around 8 p.m.

Elvis came down the stairs wearing standard Elvis gear—bulky, smoke-lens glasses and a long-gabardine topcoat with wide lapels over a high-collared shirt.

Having been alerted that Elvis was coming, Ray and Clare Stern dispatched three cars to the airport. Soon, the little motorcade arrived at the health club on Forest Lane and Elvis, Jo Cathy and the boys all stepped out.

As he inspected the club, the King was clearly impressed with the air-conditioned courts with their Plexiglas walls.

Always ready to buy something, Elvis purchased five sweat suits at the club for $45 each.

And by 8:45 p.m., he was out the door and on his way back to his JetStar at Addison Airport. That evening, he would be back at Graceland.

Within a few months, he would become partners in a doomed venture to build a national chain of racquetball clubs called Presley Center Courts.

Then came August 16, 1977. Just after 4 a.m., he woke up his cousin Billy Smith and asked him if he wanted to play racquetball.

Well, sure Elvis.

After the game, Elvis noodled on the piano in the lounge of his racquetball center. He played Willie Nelson’s “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” It was the last song Elvis ever sang. By noon, he was dead.