Elvis and Ginger in Harrison, Arkansas at the funeral of Ginger's grandfather on January 3, 1977

Elvis and Ginger leaving Harrison, Arkansas January 4th

Thanks to The Legend, Simon and Hans de Boer and Bill Doshier Jr/Harrison Daily Times for the last three photos

In November 1976 Elvis gave Ginger Alden a white Lincoln Continental, the last he would purchase. On January 3, 1977 Elvis and Ginger along with a 15 man entourage attended the funeral of Ginger's Grandfather. Elvis had Ginger's family flown in to Harrison, Arkansas where they drove 20 miles to Jasper, Arkansas for the services which took place in a very small church. Elvis used Ginger's white Lincoln Continental during this 24 hour visit. The local Newspaper reported "The Star is Seen Barely and Briefly".
A photo of Elvis entering the car is featured in the article (last photo above)

The six photos above are from January 4, 1977 and show Elvis and Ginger leaving the Ramada Inn on the way to the airport after her grandfather's funeral the day before - Thank you to Ginger Alden for sharing these photos!

You can find more photo from Ginger here - Ginger Alden - Facebook Page