September 8, 1975 with Linda Thompson

September 14, 1975

Riding around Memphis in September 1975

The black and white photos with Elvis on one of his super cycles (as it was called back then) is such a great one. The girl in the photo, standing next to Elvis was a french girl who flew over to try and meet him. Her name was Jeanette Brazda. Elvis bought the bike at a place calle Super Cycle, at 620 S. Bellevue in August/early Sept. The photo, I believe was taken on Sept. 14th. The article was published on the 15th. The owner Ron Elliot said to a reporter: " He came in real polite. There's a sign in the showroom that says don't touch anything. Elvis looked at me and said "Mind if I get the feel of this one?" He was so nice - a guy with that much money - being polite to me. " I showed him how the super cycle works and he fired it up. Gave the engine so much power the front wheel just reared up and the engine died. It scared everybody. They ran over to Elvis to see if he was allright. He just laughed and said "Think I' ll take it on out to the house." He took off with a roar down Bellevue, South. We jumped in two cars and tried to keep up with Elvis. The guy could have lost control of that thing but he had absolutely no fear. He has all the confidence in the world. He swung right up South Parkway and caught the expressway south, swung off at Brooks Road and caused a huge traffic jam at the Elvis Presley Boulevard light when people saw him - and just stopped their cars, jumped out and ran over to swarm around him. He laughed and signed autographs and seemed to really enjoy himself".

Thanks to The Legend for the above story