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Sean Shaver  

Las Vegas, NV. August 1969. Elvis was pure dynamite on stage during the whole month of his very first engagement in eight years, the above photos give a slight idea about what it was like. It was believed that no performer could fill the International's showroom twice a day for a month, Elvis made this affirmation a thing of the past and it has to be rephrased as " Apart Elvis, no performer could fill the................".


Sean Shaver  


Elvis used mostly dark outfits during that Summer (Brown, Black, Navy Blue,etc..), some white ones were also worn and the one shown on that page is different that the other you can see on  page 1969-2 (bottom left). It was also very rare that a metallic belt was used with the white version of these costumes, however it equally happened with a black version too re. 1969-2 (middle left).



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