Sandi Miller

The photograph above was taken in August 1972 in Las Vegas. Elvis had several new stage attires for that Vegas season, most of them were two pieces suit with shirts of different colors. He had similar ones during the January-February 1972 Vegas Season.


Sandi Miller

Most fans think that Elvis sung " Steamroller Blues " for the very first time at the Aloha Rehearsal show. This is not the case as Elvis performed that song for the very first time at the August 7th 1972 midnight show. The version of this song that night was quite different when compared to the ones done in Hawaii.

Some songs were performed for the first time during the August '72 Vegas season, titles like ; Fever, My Way and What Now My Love, on some occasions Elvis also sung " My Babe ", " How Great Thou Art " and " The Wonder Of You ".


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