Ed Bonja

Las Vegas, NV. August 1973. This " Elvis Summer Festival " engagement started on August 6th and ended on September 3rd. The opening show was very good and Elvis tried some new songs that night, among them were a medley of " Trouble/Raised On Rock "and a full version of " Memphis Tennessee ". It seems that Elvis didn't think this medley was really interesting as he left out " Raised On Rock " on the following shows and kept only " Trouble ".

Elvis had new jumpsuits for that engagement and the one in the photo above is possibly one of them, still it's possible that it was worn in February '73 or at Lake Tahoe in May '73. Photographs of that suit are quite rare and this one is often being referred as the " Amber jumpsuit ".

This jumpsuit had a cape designed for it and you can read more details on this subject in the " Memorabilia " section.

On September 1st 1973 Elvis was presented with a special gift.


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