Elvis The Concert Years 1969 – 1977

By David Wilson, Claude Baker and Willem Kaauw


All concert dates will be listed and if a show was recorded by a fan or released on CD either via Soundboard or Audience. They are listed with track listings as complete as we have them. If no track listing available this means no show has surfaced to-date (Unless you know different)

If you have any information regarding concert tapes that you don’t see listed, please E-mail us here ElvisTapes@Hotmail.com . 

Over the coming months we will publish every Vegas engagement & concert tour incorporating, concert reviews from fans & the press, with many concert photos from Claude Baker. We will add as well photos of “unpublished Soundboard tapes”, concert tickets and much more. 

This is open to any fan that may have some concert information they would like to share with the Elvis World, feel free to e-mail me ElvisTapes@Hotmail.com

Corrections, concert duplications, incorrect information, anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated, as this is not the gospel, but in saying that we would like to make it as near as possible.

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1969 (July 31st-Aug.28th)

1970 (Jan. 26th-Feb. 23rd)

1970 (Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st)