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Elvis meets Presley

JAR-1997-1 (Released 1997)

Memphis Tennessee (Jungle version, alt. take)
In your arms (# 2)
Forget me never (# 7 solo)
It's a sin (# 2)
There's always me (# 5,6,7,8,9)
Put the blame on me (# 1,2)
Long lonely highway (# 1)
I'm coming home (# 6,7)
Fever (# 2,3)
In my way (alt. take, solo)
Gently (# 5)
Slowly but surely (# 2,3,4,1)
You're the reason... (live, March 22, 1975)
Don't cry daddy (duet Elvis and Charlie Hodge, acetate, Feb 16, 1970)
Green green grass of home (live, March 22, 1975)
Medley; When my blue moon..- Blue Christmas- I got a woman- Amen (Live, June 29, 1974)
Introduction by Priscilla (August 16, 1997)
Don't cry daddy (duet Elvis & Lisa Marie, August 16, 1997)
Closing announcement by Lisa Marie (August 16, 1997)

This CD features the Elvis and Lisa Marie duet "Don't cry daddy" from the Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, August 16, 1997. But I'm not intersted in that, but most fans do ;-). What is interesting to me is the superb loose jungle version of Memphis Tennessee, it's a real beauty. Also a highlight on this cd is the single version of "Long lonely highway" and now in superb stereo, the same goes for all the studio takes.

Sound rate ****