Pickwick and Burning Love

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Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by Asheville75 »

Today I got a sealed Burning Love And Hits From His Movies Vol.2, CAS-2595. I wonder what year that record was released. Looking at discogs there were a Pickwick release of this record as early as november 1972. My belief was that Pickwick and Elvis started 1975. I have not opened the album, if I do I will know more. But if I just check on Discogs it seems that the cover looks the same on all the releases they show: 1972, 1975, 1977.
Question: did Pickwick already in 1972 release Elvis records? And if so, is the cover the same 1972, 1975 and 1977? I also understand there exists gold vinyl pressings 1977, rare indeed.

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Re: Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by martin018 »

i believe they were issued on Camden first and then Pickwick re-issued them i think in the mid 70's.

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Re: Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by javierTCB »

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Re: Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by Swedish »

On cd also
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Re: Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by minkahed »

Does anyone here know if the Pickwick Records were Remastered or not? Or maybe even tweaked?

I’ve always maintained at the Pickwick Albums sounded really good compared to the Camden ones and it’s just not a subtle difference. There’s more detail and clarity and sounds warmer.

Any thoughts and/or opinions ???

Would love to hear them.


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Re: Pickwick and Burning Love

Post by JosephC »

I don't have an answer to your question, apologies.

But as I was all consuming anything Elvis from 1977 onward, I felt the same as you. "Burning Love" on Double Dynamite was the best I had ever heard. Might very well still be the case.