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Read Carefully The Guidelines

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Messages that doesn't follow these rules will be deleted without any warnings

1- If you have any commentary concerning the board then send us an e-mail at

However if it has something to do with moderating on the forum,
please send a PM directly to Moderator1 or FECC-Moderator

If you have a complaint against any member:
Please note, you can file a report (by clicking the "!" button at the bottom of their posts).
If you decide to do so, please provide the number of guideline the member who you are
reporting on broke and provide a link to the area you are complaining about.

Please note also: "We Are Not Mind Readers" nor are we on the forum 24/7 or do we
read each and every post or thread. Please try to explain in your report what you are after
for us to do for you when you make your report.
(We have No Bias either way)

On the other side of the coin If something has been changed in your post or thread
or the thread has disappeared altogether and You do not know why.
Contact us in a PM.(However keep in mind, there obviously was a reason for it and
the likely hood is that you or someone was reported on for one reason or another,
which the person doing the reporting felt FECC guidelines were not being followed
and we reacted to the situation:
Take note: If your post or thread is edited or it has been deleted altogether
DO NOT HAVE A HISSEE FIT and blame us on the Forum about something
you do not agree with in regard to what may have been done to your post or thread,
because if you do, your account will be be automatically suspended.
We are more than willing to explain if time allows in a PM, but keep in mind do not always'
expect to have a reply right away or a reply at all if the tone of your PM is aggressive.
(Note: If your tone in your PM to us is too aggressive your account will either be suspended
or deleted altogether, we have Zero Tolerance for bad behavior, also it might be a good idea
for you to READ THROUGH FECC Guidelines first before writing your PM as you might find
the answer to your question before hand.

Members' need to realize: WE DO NOT always have the time to explain every little detail
why this was done or why that was done prior to having something changed in your post
or thread or to explain why some threads were taken away completely because of a report,
we should not be expected to explain each and every time and will not , as the chances'
are the answer you seek will be in the FECC guidelines' somewhere , you just have to
look for yourself. We realize too, sometimes' there are members' who go out of their way
to cause havoc on the forums and because of their actions' they may have cause a thread
to be deleted altogether depriving members' of a thread that should have stayed.
However sometimes' "time" is just not available to edit and sadly the complete thread may
have to go. The member or members' responsible in some cases will find either their account
suspended or deleted altogether.

Fact of the matter, Follow FECC guidelines and their won't be a problem.
(Members need to be responsible for their own actions' instead of trying to past the puck on to us)

When doing a Report, Provide as much information to help your case to beable to help US to
help you resolve the situation as quickly as possible in your report.

"Don't try to lecture us on the board or in a PM about what we should or not do"
(We are Here to Help, We are Not the Enemy.)
Just get to the root of the problem and we will try to react ASAP to correct the problem
to satisfy all concerned.

If something hasn't been corrected as quickly as you like please sit back and realize we
do have jobs outside of this forum and could be at different time zones then you as well.
The chances are too, there is always the possibility whatever could be taking place on the
forum You may be aware of, we may not be or we may not have access to a computer to
correct the problem at that very moment. As we could be accessing and seeing your report
on our iphones, where we would be Limited to do what needs to be done until we have
access to our own desk top computer or Time is Not available(for whatever the reason).

Keep in mind too, Fact is, as mentioned above, keep in mind just because you are aware of something
taking place on the forums , doesn't mean we are. Again, Help "US" Help "You", to make this a better
forum for all concern. A Report helps' us be informed and then You know for sure we are aware
of the situation, whatever it may be.

Also please note: Do try to do reporting if a "Personal Attack" is happening and if it pertains to "You" only,
if it does not, encourage the person that the situation is happening too, to do the report. As it is always
better that way coming from the person who is involved, as they may not feel the way you do about
what is taking place.
(However, if you feel you need to let us know about something taking place on the forum to be
sure we know about it, please do a report.)
We have No bias either way about any situation. There are alway(s) two sides to every situation.

2- Use of bad language or putting someone down with words to insult : It's possible to disagree
with someone without cussing or the like (If we are made aware of it or if we see it on our own,
the post or the thread could be edited or completely deleted, plus if the bad behavior continues
your FECC account could be suspended or deleted without further warning.) Also,
do not attempt to circumvent the word censors.

3- Personal attacks (Including Bashing other Elvis Web Sites) of any kind -
if we feel it is a personal attack against a member or (Elvis Website) or if what you say comes
across to us as tho it will start something, we "could" or will delete or edit without warning.
Note: once something is deleted by a moderator DO NOT repost or try to go after us on a
public forum, as your account could be suspended or your account could be deleted
completely without warning.
(WE are not the enemy, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT OUT TO BE THAT WE ARE.)

4Political and/or Religious Debates "could" be deleted without any warnings.
Take Note: If You are One of the people who promote racism "You" are on the
"WRONG" Message board, YOU are also on the wrong message board if YOU feel
its the right thing to do by putting anyone down.
Bottom line, Every human deserves to feel accepted and valued.
Teasing or bullying someone because of their sexual orientation for example too,
as a put down, will "NOT" be tolerated..
Your account will be either suspended or deleted !
5- "BOTTOM LINE" Do not fight any personal wars on this board, nor try to
start one either. Staying on the topic at hand will avoid this. (Note:Staying on
Topic with any thread or post is the Key)

6- Complete irrelevant threads or posts which may offend along with posts which
have nothing to do with the topic at hand or threads which we believe are meant to
start trouble or to provoke someone into fighting will be deleted without warning/
If it continue(s) there after, your account could either be placed in suspension or
deleted completely without Warning.

Reposting a post that a Moderator has deleted will put your account in either suspension or
be deleted completely without warning.

7- Do not mention names or email-addresses of persons when they might be getting
problems, no matter who this person is or what these problems are. Do Not suggest or
make accusations as to who is behind any label which could be deamed as illegal.
(Note: Your account will be closed if a WARNING is given and you decide to continue
with accusations or suggestions of this nature.)

8- Advertisement : Repetitive advertisements for selling or for plugging a website
( including "bumping of the threads" back on
top ) "could" be also deleted. Please note however: If we do allow you to link and to plug
your website on a post you make, by default you are then also allowing FECC to transfer
data from your website with auto permission. That is, if you chose not to cut and
paste the information from your
website onto the FECC post you created on your own.

Keep in mind this guideline has been set up this way to be fair to FECC and our member's.
As we have from time to time recieved complaint(s) when only a link is put up.
Some members would prefer to just scroll down to see what you have posted.

Note: From time to time, if a Mod may do this, please keep in mind If we end up
cutting and pasting what we hoped you would have done, we are Only doing it so
it help(s) make think(s) easier for our members to allow them to see 1st hand
what you are linking them to.
Note: If decide to change it back on your own without the cut & paste, we may
delete your thread completely.
Also on a side note, Please make every effort to cut and paste information
if linking to Ebay (as a example) copy the information including pictures to display
in your post along with the link.
If you are not willing to make the effort to copy the information and post it in your
thread, it could be deleted without warning.

Note: If too many complaints are made by FECC members, that you as a member
are only putting links in your post without providing displayed information in your
FECC posts and we as moderators see No effort is seldom made by you to copy
the information in your posts, your account could be closed without warning.

9- Links : You can link about everything in here but keep it "clean",
some exception(s) may apply. If you see a thread disappear or a post edited or
deleted, then it most likely contained a " forbidden link " and / or contain a
product or website or person we do not want to see on our forum.
(Note: Once you are informed through a Moderator directly
by PM to not bring up either the " forbidden link in questioned " and /
or product, website or person not allowed on our forum and you continue to
do so there after, your FECC account will be closed without further warning.)

10- Using a board member identity for causing problems on a thread
for example will have the messages deleted, and your access to FECC blocked.

11- Downloads, streaming videos and other links to copyrighted material.
Consequently it will be now PROHIBITED to advertise the sales / trades of illegal
products on this Forum. The download of " songs " is also prohibited from an
FTP server or from any other sources if linked on our forum.

12- Do Not, We Repeat, Do Not try to stir trouble by
insinuating someone is dumb or try to belittle someone because you feel
you can, because You Cannot, At the same time DO NOT try to stir trouble
on this board at all for any reason !!!
(if you continue to do this,
your account will be suspended or deleted without Warning) (Reports are
needed by you the member if this is happening to you)

13- The "Warning Graphics" are strictly for official admin/moderator
use only. Any manipulation or unofficial use of the "Warning Graphics" for
any other purposes is not allowed. This also includes any parodies of the
warning graphics that you as a member have made.
13.1: Also, if a "Warning Graphic" is placed inside one of your posts,
you may not remove or edit the warning. They are placed there for a reason.
If you do not break the guidelines, then a warning graphic obviously will not
be placed inside one of your posts and you will have nothing to worry about.
Upon first offense to rule 13/13.1, you will receive a direct warning.
If you then repeat this behavior, you will be suspended from the website for up
to 1 week depending on severity.

14-Suspensions and Bans are not a topic for public discussion between
members on the forums. The issue is between the suspended member, and
the moderators and administration only
Note: If you decide to try and do this, your account will be either suspended or deleted
without warning !

15-Your FECC account/Username is for YOU only. If we
learn that you "share" your account with a banned member, this will lead to the
instant permanent banning of your account as well. We have a zero
tolerance policy for such behaviour.

Enjoy your stay and treat everyone with respect..

16Note: Staying a member on FECC means, you will try and abide by our
guidelines to the best of your ability. If you feel you cannot, please leave or at
some point your account will be removed anyway. Also please keep in mind, if
it is brought to our attention your only purpose here is to cause trouble by what
you might say or write else where, your account will also be Permanently
Closed without warning.

Our main focus on FECC is to discuss Elvis. We are not set up here, to allow
anyone to gang up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule on this
forum or posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliation. If it is
brought to our attention you as a member here are doing this else where
and then you come back here as a member, your FECC account will also be
closed for this CyberStalking Act.

17. As a 2nd friendly reminder, Do Not lecture us on the board or
in a PM about what we should or not do.
Also, Take Note: From time to time mods will be asked to make certain
threads a "Sticky" or the mods will see a thread deserving as a "Sticky".
FECC reserves this right to decide what will become a "Sticky"
and for how long. This should not be questioned by members.
(added as of January 2018 officially to be noted) Please let the Mods know if there is any particular thread that You as a FECC member would like to see as a "Sticky" on any forum & we will have it placed as such, for a Limited Time.
The limited time frame for a "Sticky" would be set up for either a few days' or to a maximum of 2 weeks to promote whatever is acceptable to FECC to promote to FECC members.
This is a guideline used since in 2005 but not officially presented here explaining 2 week maximum until now, agreed upon in text by the Administrator in January 2018 to be presented as a official guideline.

Plus, there is from time to time where a title of an thread may be changed to
help make members more aware of what to expect in the thread.
(We do this to help the thread along, if it looks like the thread is dropping
sooner than it should be)
With respect to merging topics, mods may be asked from time to time to
do this as well or they may do it on their own, if needed to be done, which
could be for many reasons.

Please note: If a merge is done. The original poster of these topics will not
be informed.
(This would mainly be due to a time factor of more important priorities)

We, as moderators have been appointed by FECC owners.
Everything we do, as FECC moderators', is seen and approved
by FECC owners.

Our decision, in any matter is finale !
Unless, FECC owners decide other wise.
We, as FECC moderators, abide by and enforce their guidelines.
Please do keep this in mind, when writing us a PM.