Elvis Presley's Jumpsuit Collection

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Would you buy a book about ELvis Jumpsuit Collection??

Poll ended at Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:59 am

No I can get it free online
Yes, only if it contained unpublished photos
No votes
Yes, With quality photos Id love to know more about the jumpsuits
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Elvis Presley's Jumpsuit Collection

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Hello Elvis World
It has indeed been a while since my last post. I have a question for the Elvis fans in this forum. FIrst of all i have been a life long Elvis fan since i can remember, My mother was the hugest fan id ever met. As a child I traveled to many vacations centered around Elvis Concert's, His Birthplace, and Graceland in the early 1970's. I have traveled to Elvis week many times since. While there a few years ago i was fortunate enough to get to see the display of the 56 Jumpsuits. The display was magnificent. I saw Jumpsuits that I had never knew existed. That was a shock to a life long Elvis person like myself.
When i got home i started looking for information about the Jumpsuits, How many were there? and to my amazement , aside from the Little booklet the estate put out , and a few websites.. there was nothing. I found out that most of his jumpsuits were known by 2 or more names.
Id like to know if the Elvis community would be interested in a book like this? knowing there are websites with some information? I can tell you not one has a list of all the jumpsuits and most with mediocre pictures with the jumpsuit designs barely visible
would you buy such a book? Would this book have to contain unpublished photos for it to be wanted or would good photos be enough?
About 5 years ago i started this project and compiled a list of the jumpsuits and where they were worn, I have pictures of the jumpsuits and Pictures of Elvis wearing the jumpsuit, I have how they got their names and costs of some, what they have auctioned for , and where they are now. I am told that no one would pay for this book, and
i really refuse to believe i am the only Elvis addict that would want to know this information. I thought id start a forum to see what you think. AM i right? or are they?