re welcome to his world BUD GLASS BOOK

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re welcome to his world BUD GLASS BOOK

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I just recived this and was very disapointed with this book, as many of the photos here have bin seen many, if not to many times, I mean this guy has the nerve to say that these photos have never bin published, C'mon BUD, You are full of sh*t and yourself as usual, The first book claimed the samething and far to many of those photos were in J RUGGERIOS book, and in much better scope i might add., The book does contain RARE PHOTOS in all i counted about 5, So it would be a thrill for the average JOE but not for serious collectors/fans..I do hope the DVD is better, But i dought it as our AMERICAN friends do tend to over agzagerate about their products and this seems to be the case with MR GLASS as well.

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Post by Joern »

What'cha talkin' 'bout?

Ruggerios book was about Uniondale'75, if I'm not wrong and not about candid shots. I think you got something wrong here, didn't you? :wink:


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Re: re welcome to his world BUD GLASS BOOK

Post by Blue-Gypsy »

the colonel wrote:I do hope the DVD is better
It is not, very cheaply done.


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