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Help with DVD Reviews

Post by elvisoid »

Looking to add some elvis dvd-r's to my collection and need some suggestions as to some of the best ones.

i prefer 8mm concert footage with sound dubbed from a soundboard. i am a fan of both 1970-1971 and the 1976 concert period.

can someone make some suggestions as to which ones i should not be without?

P.S. i have almost no concert footage in my collection right now.

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Re: Help with DVD Reviews

Post by kajsa89 »

Should not be without from 1976?? well, the complete version of Pittsburgh is nice! Burning in Birmingham also is really nice.

1970: the ttwii stuff, the dvd's in the Complete Works/Shows.

1971: hmm...what I have - dvds made from 8mm - is of very poor picture/sound quality. There's a dvd called "Setting The Standard", also included with the import CD by the same name.

Let's get a deluxe Blu-Ray with "Elvis On Tour", too! A release that has unrelased footage, not merely the original movie minus Johnny B!!