Watched "Double Trouble" last night

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Watched "Double Trouble" last night

Post by showfan »

This was on a four pack set that I've had a while, so I decided to watch it last night. Whenever i watch an Elvis movie, it always seems familiar, even if I hadn't seen it in years; however, this movie didn't seem familiar to me as far as the live action part. Certain scenes were familiar because I had seen them in documentaries, like when the ship blew up. I have also seen pictures from it in magazines, but the movie itself rang no bells of memory with me.

Was this one that was not shown on tv much over the years?

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Re: Watched "Double Trouble" last night

Post by elvisa »

TCM nordic had it on just a few days ago.

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Re: Watched "Double Trouble" last night

Post by keninlincs »

Theres so much world to see is quite a nice little song.

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Re: Watched "Double Trouble" last night

Post by lucio »

First saw it as a kid in the 70s and enjoyed the music and storyline. Each time I rewatch Double Trouble it still entertains.