Rehearsals/Shows attended

In this section you can submit questions to people that knew Elvis, or to other important people in the Elvis World.

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Rehearsals/Shows attended

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Hi Sandi,
I'm rereading Ken Sharp's great Las Vegas '69 book and see you are quoted in it about rehearsals. I was wondering: Were you interviewed face-to-face for the book?
Were specific questions asked or were you asked for general memories?
Did you attend some of the '69 rehearsals?
If so, do you have any other memories you can share?
Did you attend opening night 31/7/69? Or the next night?
Did you take any photos of the first engagement?

Can you give specific years that you attended rehearsals?
Did you hear any songs properly (not bits of) rehearsed that didn't make it into the show?

Were you at opening night 19/8/74 when Elvis changed his set around opening with Big Boss Man?
Do you recall the audiences reactions or Elvis, or MM, talking about it afterwards?

Were you at closing night 1973 when Elvis had a go at the Hilton?
What were your impressions?
Were you present when Elvis and the Colonel had their bustup or do you remember anyone talking about it?

Sorry for all the questions, and apologies if you've answered them all before, but I thought I might as well ask them all at once!