Celebrity - December 1975.

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Celebrity - December 1975.

Post by Domino »

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Re: Celebrity - December 1975.

Post by drjohncarpenter »

Thanks for the share.

This is the second article I've seen from late 1975 where we see how the story begins to hone in on Presley's recurrent health issues. Drug abuse is barely mentioned as a cause by R. Allen Leider, but it feels like it's being implied, that one is expected to "read between the lines." And the manner in which he closes the piece sounds like a dark warning. It's weird, and more than a little prescient.

The actual facts in the piece are scattered, some OK but many not, from the attribution of photos to dating of incidents, but it is striking to read that "Elvis was rushed to the hospital the last time wrapped in sheets ('like a mummy,' some hospital staffer claimed)." This dates to the January 1975 emergency. Yikes. There is also a mention of the "emotionally unstable boy" who got into Graceland and shot up the library. Cousin Billy Smith later spoke about this in 1995's Elvis Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia.

BILLY SMITH: In the seventies, he had a lot more periods of violence. I’m talking about when he wasn’t drugged. Violence out of frustration. It’s funny ... at one point in '75, there was a little story in the paper that said "an emotionally unstable boy" got into Graceland and shot up one of the rooms. Well, you know who that was.

He was angered about something that was taken out of the show tour. And the more he talked about it, the madder he got. He reached over and grabbed a .45, and he started shooting, just willy-nilly.

I said, “Elvis, you’ll destroy the house!” He said, “I don’t give a fu'ck! I’ll build another one!”
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Re: Celebrity - December 1975.

Post by eligain »

Wow! I had this mag at the time but had forgotten it. When these stories started to come out in these type of magazines, they were taken with a huge boulder of salt, so I never fully believed them. But they did make you wonder what was really going on. I had totally forgot about the story of "the boy"! Crazy!!!