Follow-up to Tiger Man post by Mod 3

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Follow-up to Tiger Man post by Mod 3

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 ! Message from: Moderator3
Once again content removed.
Violation of Guideline #5

Also pay special attention in the guidelines:
The Guidelines wrote:Do NOT lecture us on the board or in a PM about what we should or not do as moderators.
We have been appointed by the FECC administration, and as such, everything we do as FECC moderators is seen and approved by FECC administration.
Our decision in any matter is final!

We, as FECC moderators strictly enforce their guidelines.

We would also like to draw your attention to #14 which states in part:
Guideline #14 wrote:Our main focus on FECC is to discuss Elvis.

We are not here to allow anyone to gang up on another member; making them the subject of ridicule on this forum, or posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliating the other member.
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Accused of being "a nerd in his 20s." I wish.