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There has always been the accusation that certain members have multiple usernames.
Lately there has been the accusation that these members can hide their true identity and fool us. Not so.
I have asked the mechanic to explain to us all how all of this works.
FECC-Mechanic wrote:The main way people try to cloak their identity and register multiple usernames is via the use of "VPN's". This lets the member appear to come from a different IP address, and most of the time from a different country. The main problem with this is that most VPN hosters stand out from real, residential service providers. Unless someone lives in a building full of computers.... We have had a few members try this in the past, unsuccessfully. The second is via the TOR network. As of late, we see this a little less as we are actively blocking that method. Why? No good comes from TOR and those that use it.
The accused members on the forum do not have multiple usernames. The IP's are legit, and come from true residential areas. Not VPN's or from the use of any other cloaking method. We are 100% sure of this.
There are of course other methods that members try to use, but those are best left quiet. We don't want to give on that we know these things. :evil: ::rocks
There you have it. I trust the mechanic when it comes to these things.

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Re: Multiples

Post by Rob »

I know I'll be sleeping better tonight.

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