Love Letters From Elvis - Revisited

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Re: Love Letters From Elvis - Revisited

Post by ColinB »

poormadpeter wrote:These reviews were reposted on another forum - but he seems to have gone from there now, too.
Who ?

Colin B
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Re: Love Letters From Elvis - Revisited

Post by LonnieBeale »

londonflash wrote:
ColinB wrote:
londonflash wrote:Um, where's the original review gone?
Same place Shane is..............................
I do so hate it when a member of the forum packs their things and takes all their posts with them.
Man! you can do that! Hell yea!

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Re: Love Letters From Elvis - Revisited

Post by dreambear »

Shane! I have a feeling that you sometimes visit this board. Please come back. I miss you here!!!!!!


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Re: Love Letters From Elvis - Revisited

Post by eric c »

i like the love letters album but its the weakest of the marathon triplets(thats the way it is,elvis country and letters).
if you tweak the song lineup a bit...i think a better album emerges.
•love letters
•when im over you
•if i were you
•got my mojo workin'
•heart of rome
•this is our dance
•cindy cindy
•i'll never know
•it ain't no big thing but its growing
•the sound of your cry
•rags to riches
•where did they go Lord
you could also consider a hundred years from now and the live version of something.
i like to use the 13 track idea...borrowed from ernst's standing room only 13 track album.

im not sure...historicly if it would've changed anything...but i feel its a better album of some descent songs...the sound of your cry especially.
always loved that song.

if Elvis hadn't been in the hospital...i wonder how different the song line-up would've been.
originally it was to be titled summer festival but got changed.