A Minnesota Moment / A Minnesota Minute-The perfect package?

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The Welz

A Minnesota Moment / A Minnesota Minute-The perfect package?

Post by The Welz »

I got the CD (Follow That Dream Records) and the book (Memphis Recording Service) yesterday. I was hoping for a good package to document the King's 1976 performance in Minnesota, but it didn't work out the way I thought it would.

The CD looks very 1970ish and to me the design is good. The sound doesn't reach the level of the previous release, but nevertheless its a good sounding mixing desk recording. Elvis isn't giving his all, I got the impression that he holds back a little. But still the show is good, the King is in a good mood and his voice sounds fine. He even takes a request for One Night. So this release is not essential, but surely a nice addition to everyone's concert colletion!

The book, released by MRS, is something else. A lot of the pictures are blurry and the price of 30€ (at least that's what I paid) is too high. Half of it would have been ok. The book is surely not up to the level of the releases from Praytome Publishing or other high class products. It looks like MRS hastily wanted to jump on the FTD train.

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Re: A Minnesota Moment / A Minnesota Minute-The perfect pack

Post by brad »

I felt the same way!!!! If the book had been only $10...then "the package" would have been really cool. I like the CD!!!!!!!!! The book simply has too many blurry photos. I would love a book from EVERY SHOW. I like the inclusion of shots of the Sweets & JD and Linda...They aren't that good....but it's actually documenting the night...and the photos seem to be in chronological order.


I can't figure out why they felt like they had to "fix" Elvis' left hand on the Minnesota CD cover. The original photo is in the book....and it looks like they copied and Flip his RIGHT hand from the book's cover photo.

Don't know why you'd need to do that...but if you DO have to....at least blend the backgrounds....they did a (deleted - see guideline #2) job of cutting and pasting and for no apparent reason.

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Re: A Minnesota Moment / A Minnesota Minute-The perfect pack

Post by rlj4ep »

I like the cd release and the bonus material. I especially like when Elvis is introducing "That's All Right" that someone calls out "Lonsesome Cowboy," catching Elvis by surprise. it sounds as if the band is actually playing a few notes from it before Elvis shouts "come on" and begins playing That's All Right. Too bad Elvis didn't give us a few lines of this very rare song. Overall, a pretty good 1976 release.

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Re: A Minnesota Moment / A Minnesota Minute-The perfect pack

Post by Rob »

Even though I didn't buy them together, I have the CD and the book. The CD should be in every fan's collection simply because it's FTD. The book, however, is no big deal, and fans should not go out of their way to get a copy of it.

But, hey -- that's just me.