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Hang Loose

Bilko CD 1597 (Released 1991)

Polk a little sock salad
Sweet caroline
Polk salad annie
I've lost you (#2)
I just can't help believin
You don't have to say you love me
You don't have to say you love me (#2)
Bridge over troubled water
You've lost that lovin' feelin'
Patch it up
Can't help falling in love
(Songs recorded during stage rehearsals , Las Vegas August, 1970)
Folson prison blues/ I walk the line (Live, August 14, 1970)
Potrait of my love (Stage rehearsals)

If you are a fan of "That's The Way It Is" documentary; then this CD is for you. Bilko did a great job putting out this CD. Lot's of dialogue during the songs. Elvis is really having a good time with these song rehearsals. All throughout the CD are joking around and laughter. The first track (Polk A Little Sock Salad) opens up with Elvis changing the words and laughing. So you know you are in for a good time with this CD. But when he get's down to serious business, he is in top form.

The bonus tracks are an added plus. Elvis does a great cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsum Prison Blues/I Walk The Line". And "Portrait Of My Love" is an absolute winner. Elvis does a great job behind the piano with this song. It is ashame there is no master take of this track. Or is there? The sound quality is great except for the faint hissing. Other than that, this is a winner. The cover picture (in color) has a great pose with Elvis on stage (1970) wearing a white jumpsuit with a red scarf around his neck.Holding a microphone in one hand and the other arm extended while he is singing.

The back side of the cover insert (in color) has Elvis posing with fans (Photo is either from 1969 or 1970). When you open the insert, you have a black & white photo of Elvis on the right side (1971) on stage with the trade mark guitar and holding the microphone looking behind him. On the left side you have a picture of a post-card from the "International Hotel". Dated September 4,1971. It reads:

"Hi, in Vegas to see the king & he is the absolute Greatest".
Elvisly, Danny
The backside of the CD has another color picture with Elvis posing with a female fan. This CD might still be around and worth the price.

Sound quality ***

Review by "Bill Debonis, USA"