The Eagle Has Landed (Moon Records)
Early Recordings (PR-Records)
Easy Come, Easy Go (A.J. Records ajr 080379)
Edge Of Reality (MAC/Groovy 2068)
Ed Sullivan's Shows, 1956-1957 (Bulldog CD 010)
Electrifying! (Bilko 5100)
Elvis Among Friends (Whitehaven EPB 3764)
Elvis At The Forum (Graceland Records)
Elvis At Full Blast! (Fort Baxter 2098)
Elvis At The Dome (King Crown Records (KCR 1370)
Elvis' Greatest Shit!! (Dog Vomit SUX 005)
Elvis Live In Lake Tahoe (Peaf CD 1990)
Elvis Live-Unlicensed (SW 115)
Elvis-mania Atlanta (Stage Entertaiment EP 5006)
Elvis Meets Presley (JAR-1997-1)
Elvis Meets The Beatles (Teddy Bear Records tb 69)
Elvis On Tour (A.J. Records 080379-01)
Elvis Rocks Little Rock (Bilko 1589)
Elvis Sails (CDA-4325)
Especially For You (DLP 1161)
Eternal Flame (Lone Star A789)
Elvis - The man in white Vol. 1 (Lone Star A131415)
Elvis - The man in white Vol. 2 (Lone Star A161718)
Elvis - The man in white Vol. 3 (Lone Star A192021)
The Event (Groti 10107)
Event Number 8 (Madison CWP 03)
Explosion In Vegas (Sabam tm Boum 001)
Eyes Of Texas (Lone Star)