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Tape legend Ask Me
Hand written Letter & Elvis Christmas Wishes Card from the Early 60.
Mr Dynamite tour book
Hilton Sold Out Poster
1970 International Banner
Autographs July '61
Moulin Rouge
Elvis' signed concert program from 1956
Elvis ' autograph from 1969
Seattle World's Fair Signed Ticket
1955 Autograph
Elvis shirt
Triple Army Bag
World's Fair Album signed for property master
Elvis Presley's Concert Worn Cape
Signed paper '76
Reel to Reel Box Jan 27 1971
Fanclub letter 1959
Mississippi Alabama Fair ticket
Very rare Press stub 1956
Ticket stub 1957
Tapebox Vegas '71
MSG Banner
Lake Tahoe postcard
Tape Box Tampa 1970
Tape Box Culver City
Circle G Ranch letter
Another letter to Mr. Seydel
Letter to Mr. Seydel
Vegas '69 Reservation Ticket
Tape box of soundboard Houston Astrodome
Signed Elvis Elcyclopaedia
tapebox of the January 26, 1970, Las Vegas Opening show
Signed Dollar Bill
Letter to Bill Porter
Fanclub letter signed by Diskin
Paisley shirt
Hilton showroom
Lake Tahoe 1971 Tapebox
Elvis letter to his karate teacher J�rgen Seydel
Elvis' handwritten letter lyrics of "Pray for me, mother of mine"

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