World's Fair Album signed for the property master 

The " It Happened At the World's Fair " album was signed for the property master at Paramount Studios when the album came out. The signature says " To Speedy Thanks for everything Elvis Presley ". Mr.William " Speedy " Skamness was a property master at Paramount Studios and worked on that movie.The signed album was obtained from his daughter in California about 5 years ago. Mr. William was probably working on one of his next movie at Paramount ( Roustabout, Easy Come,Easy Go or Paradise Hawaiian Style ) when he asked for the autograph since " World's Fair " was done at MGM. It can't be on the set of " Fun In Acapulco " since the filming of this movie was completed before " It Happened At The World's Fair " came out in April 1963. According to her daughter the autograph was obtained somewehere between 1963 and 1967. The owner is " Unclefester ", a regular on our message board.

A property master is the person who supply the items for a scene ( chairs, tables, a vase, etc...) on the set. Obviously Mr. Skamness was doing his job very fast and received the nickname " Speedy ".