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EFE Fan Edition 2002

EFE fan edition 002 - June 2002

Matrix: SA 220 626

Nice looking 28 page booklet with a picture CD inside of it, it was made available at the fanclub meeting from the "Elvis For Everyone" fanclub in the Netherlands, it contains several B/W pictures from Elvis in the years 1955/56, also it contains some rare original material from that period. There is no singing voice of Elvis on this cd only spoken words, the tracklisting is on the backside of the booklet which is shown above.

Tracklist: 1.The SUN years 2.Elvis presents new RCA record player 3.Interviews and music 4.Radio spot for the movies "Blue hawaii" "Follow that dream" "It happend at the worlds fair" "Harum scarum" "Speedway" and "Frankie and Johnny" 5.Vernon and Gladys Presley (26 September 1956) 6.Nick Adams (26 September 1956) 7.A fan (26 September 1956) 8.Elvis (26 September 1956) 9.The hayride story 10.Heading for famous 11.Suspicious minds (performed by State of Grace/early live demo) 12.Elvis telephone concersation (1971).

If you like to purchase this fanclub-cd mail us at: pathuis.beuker@worldonline.nl


EP Collectors/Fan edition 001 - March 2000

Matrix: (KDG-NL)01 millenium 2000

CD comes in a jewelcase with 4 page booklet, inside is a word by Stein Erik Star. CD is a picture CD. Backcover has 1 picture and the tracklisting.

Tracklisting: 1.The truth about me (1956) 2.Houston press conference (1970) 3.Karate dialogue (September 2, 1974) 4.The jaycees speech (January 16, 1971) 5.Priscilla dialogue (September 2, 1974) 6.Drugs dialogue (September 2, 1974) 7.Monologue (February 23, 1970) 8.I'll fight scene (February 18, 1973) 9.Vernon Presley interview (On Tour tapes) 10.Elvis' Poem (November 1973) 11.Elvis talks to the film director (On Tour tapes).

Let's take it on home

Red Mill Label (EFE & Elvis Unlimited) - 74863 678899 5 - August 1999

Matrix: SENTINEL 91028 TAPELESS RED MILL 74863 678899 5 1

CD comes in a jewelcase with 4 page booklet, inside are pictures from Elvis and the 2 fan-magazines. Backcover has 1 picture and the tracklisting.

Tracklisting: 1.Dialogue from Elvis on tour (1972) 2.KSIJ Gladewater, texas radio promo (1955) 3.Maybellene* 4.Telephone interview (1956) 5.Shrine Auditorium LA, interview by DJ Lou Irwin (june 8, 1956) 6.Poor boy* 7.March of dimes (1957) 8.Portland Oregon train station interview (september 3, 1957) 9.Arrival at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas (march 24, 1958) 10.Dick Clark talks to Elvis in Germany (early 1959) 11.Don Owens talks to Elvis (summer 1959) 12.Medley; I understand/The fool/Hurt/Happy birthday baby* (private recording, late 50s style) 13.Dick Clark talks to Elvis in Germany (late 1959) 14.G.I.Blues commercial (1960) 15.Elvis accepts the tittle of "Honorary Colonel" at the Tennessee State Legislature in Nashville, Tennessee (march 8, 1961) 16.Elvis arrives in Hawaii to film "Girls, girls, girls" 17.Bossa nova baby* 18.Elvis presents FDR yacht "Potornac" to St.Judes hospital in Memhis (long beach, California, february 13, 1964) 19.The Jordanaires greet the dutch fans (1967) 20.Singer presents Elvis LP commercial 21.My Happiness* (recorded live) 22.Elvis talks about the new years eve concert in Pontiac (march 1976).

* means: performed by Paul Ansell.

Come and get me

EFE productions - STEMRA NSL 990502 - June 1999

Matrix: EMI UDEN NSL 990502 @ 1

Shape-CD comes in a jewelcase with 4 page booklet, the inside is blank. CD is a picture shape-CD from a 70th photo. Backcover has 1 picture and the tracklisting. Shape-CD is limited to 500 copys worldwide.

Tracklisting: 1.Elvis talks about his show (february 27, 1970) 2.Elvis talks about his career (august 21, 1969) 3.Tweedle dee (live december 18, 1954) 4.The image, the man..... (june 8, 1972) 5.I got a woman (live, may 16, 1956) 6.The Aloha interview (1973) 7.Arlene calling Elvis (early 1970) 8.A better human being.

The Southern Gentleman

EFE Productions - 1998

Matrix: EP 98

CD comes in a jewelcase with 4 page booklet, the inside has some pictures from the 68 comeback special. CD is a picture CD. Backcover has the tracklisting. Limited to 500 copys Worldwide.

Tracklisting: 1.Ed Ripley interview (7:28) 2.The truth about me (10:04) 3.Personal conversation (6:41) 4.Elvis for the march in dimes 1957 (1:39) 5.Radio special 1957 (2:49) 6.Elvis arrives in Bremerhaven (3:01) 7.John paris interview (3:55) 8.Red Robinson calls the colonel (5:59) 9.G.I.Blues commercial (0:20) 10.Award presentation to Elvis (1:21) 11.Opnening message (3:08) 12.elvis talks about ..... (2:28) 13.Just Elvis (1:19) 14.Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh (1:25) 15.Elvis presents laughing box (2:26) 16.Elvis talks to the film director of standing room only (11:02) 17.Tony Prince interview (1:21) 18.I love it (2:46) 19.Rapid city (0:49) 20.The jaycees speech (0:53).