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Pure stage power

Mac Records 24.157 RY

See see rider
Release me
Sweet Caroline
Walk a mile in my shoes
Let it be me
Polk salad annie
Proud Mary
The wonder of you
Above songs are remixes from the On Stage album.
Loving you (live, August 1975, Las Vegas)
Crying in the chapel (live, August 1975, Las Vegas)
Hound dog (live, 1969, Las Vegas)
When the snow is on the roses (live, 1969, Las Vegas)
Turn around and look at me (live, July 1975, Ashville)
You'll never walk alone (live, July 19, 1975, Nassau Colliseum)
You can have her (live, May 1975, Los Angeles)
I'm sorry that I bought this one, it's garbage, songs remixed from the "On stage album", and bonus songs from "We'll remember you)

Sound rate ***