Richmond Cover






This CD contains a multi-track recording of the show performed in Richmond Virginia on the 10th April 1972. It was previously released under the title Carry Me Back To Old Virginia on the Vicky label, but was incomplete, missing the 2001 introduction, along with seven other songs: Teddy bear / Don’t Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Suspicious Minds, I Can’t Stop Loving You and Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Apart from the first verse of Lawdy Miss Clawdy, this show is now complete for the first time.


It comes with a sixteen page colour booklet, containing a stunning selection of photos of Elvis in the flame red jumpsuit he wore for this show, along with an interesting review of the songs performed. In keeping with the title theme, the red jumpsuit features in every shot throughout the artwork, which also includes some rare photos to make this one of their best presentations ever.


The sound quality is excellent, and a vast improvement on the previous issue of this show. For a start it’s now in stereo and levels have been boosted to achieve a better balance and greater clarity overall. The sound is punchy and dynamic and provides an involving listening experience; in all honesty, it’s almost as good as an official release.


The show starts with the previously unreleased 2001 introduction, sounding wonderfully crisp and dynamic in this sound quality. See See Rider follows, with the piano higher in the mix than usual, giving extra interest to this version. After this, he launches straight into a high energy performance of Proud Mary, before welcoming the audience with a simple, ‘Good evening.’


Never Been To Spain contains the ad-lib, “Only made it to Virginia,” in homage to the home crowd, which is then followed by a superb version of You Gave Me A Mountain. During Until It’s Time To Go, he quips, “You’re a woman….Lord I hope so,” in an otherwise committed performance. He then instructs Jerry Scheff to ‘Take it on,’ for a wild Polk Salad Annie, which ends with him lying flat on his back on the stage from his exertions during this song. (Pictures of this moment are included in the booklet).


Still lying on his back, he says, “I’d like to do a few oldies but goodies for you….if you wait about thirty minutes,” adding, “I’ll get up in a minute, just hang loose.” Love Me is quickly followed by All Shook Up, with Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog being issued for the first time on this release. Points of interest include some great piano backing during Heartbreak Hotel, which is wonderfully clear on this recording and a teasing monologue preceding Hound Dog, where he mentions that he ‘had sideburns before the Stamps started shaving’, adding playfully, ‘before the Inspirations were shaving too.’


Bridge Over Troubled Water is next, which despite interruptions from fans at the start, goes on to become a fully charged emotional performance. Once again, the piano accompaniment shines and can be heard in extraordinary clarity, adding greatly to the enjoyment of this song. Love Me Tender is followed by It’s Over, which he introduces as a personal favourite and proves to be a great version with a powerful reach on the ending.


Suspicious Minds is another previously unreleased song, which benefits from an improvement in sound quality from this point. It has the orchestra high in the mix (great horns) which increases the power of the performance and highlights the effective arrangement. It contains several ad-libs, which include, “Play it straight man….I hope this suit don’t tear!” All in all it’s a blistering version.


The group introductions were concise at this time and end with him announcing, “I’d like to tell you we’re doing a movie tonight….we just enjoy singing, so as long as you enjoy it, you got it.” He then calls out, “Don’t look so sad,” as the cue for For The Good Times. A fine version ensues, with effective backing from his vocal groups. This is followed by I Can’t Stop Loving You, where once again, the piano is mixed higher than usual within the tight arrangement.


American Trilogy is another superb performance, with the crowd excitement adding to the atmosphere of the occasion. After this, the recording fades out to miss the first verse of Lawdy Miss Clawdy, which is a particular shame as it was obviously a great version. He then asks for the house lights to be turned up so that he can see the audience, which results in him singing the line, ‘Carry me back to Old Virginia’ and informing them that he performed here 14 years ago, ‘when I was a baby.’


Funny How Time Slips Away features the ad-lib, “Well I’m sweating a lot,” in response to the ‘How am I doing’ line and has him calling out, “Stay there baby,” to a fan during the drawn out ending. This leads to his closing address, where he thanks the audience saying, “Y’know we love to sing for you,” before concluding the show with Can’t Help Falling In Love. The CD ends with a short burst of the closing vamp, missing the closing announcements that were included on the earlier release.


In conclusion, this is another beautifully packaged show with excellent sound quality. Although some might argue that the Greensboro release has the edge sound wise, Madison have still achieved an incredible result here. Indeed the fact that it features a different mix to the other shows from this tour actually makes it more interesting, as it offers a new slant on the sound and arrangements for a live show. Once again this is another fantastic release and a worthy follow-up to Vol 1 in the series—roll on Vol 3!






Reviewed by Mike Sanders (UK)