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Season's greetings from Elvis

Limited Collector's Edition LCE 01967 (Released 1995)

Announcer/ how great thou art
In the garden
Announcer/ somebody bigger then you and I
Stand by me/ Announcer
Without him
Where could I go but to the Lord / Announcer
Announcer/ Where no one stands alone
Announcer/ Crying in the chapel
(Elvis Presley Special Palm Sunday radio show, March 19, 1967)
Announcer/ Here comes Santa Claus/ Announcer
Announcer/ Blue Christmas
Announcer/ O little town of Bethlehem
Announcer/ Silent night
I'll be home for Christmas
Announcer/ I believe
Announcer/ If everyday was like Christmas
Announcer/ How great thou art
His hand in mine
Elvis' special message/ I'll be home for Christmas
(from the Christmas special radio show, December 3, 1967)
I believe in the man in the sky (# 1)
I believe in the man in the sky (# 2,3)
This is a nice compilation of two radio specials and as a bonus a few takes of "I believe in the man in the sky", the sound is very clear and the cover is like the Bilko's "there's always me" artwork.

Sound rate ****