Sheik of the desert

Krystal Records (Released 2001)

Opening Theme
All Shook Up
I Got a Woman
Proud Mary
Don't Cry Daddy
Teddy Bear
Love Me
See See Rider
Let It Be Me
I Can't Stop Loving You
Love Me Tender
In the Ghetto
Sweet Caroline
Polk Salad Annie
Suspicious Minds
Can't Help Falling In Love
(Recorded live, Las Vegas, Feb 5 1970 D.S)

Krystal Records label won't make history with this release. The artwork is very simple and guess the producers liked their front cover pretty much since they used the same picture on the back as well. Contrary to several CDs released from Rick Rennie's tapes, this one came out in lesser sound quality when compared to the others, and the overall sound editing could had been better. This show has been circulating for at least two years under the title "Blowin' Off The Roof" (CD-R) with exact same sound, therefore the producers haven't searched for best quality tape and just copy the CD-R as it was.

The only good thing about this CD is Elvis himself.Our man is giving a powerful performance from beginning to end but sadly we can't appreciate it at his best because the sound quality isn't too good. The sound varies from fair to good at best, so don't throw away your "On Stage" BMG CD as it remains the best source for this material. This CD is strictly aims to hardcore fans of live concerts and not really recommended. I can live without it, can't you?!!!

Sound rate * 1/2

Reviewed by The Crazy Canuck